american grandma

Denver, Colorado

       Denver based, American Grandma, is a genre-bending staple making waves in the Denver music scene. Jen Keller, Caden Marchese, and Bryce Slavick currently comprise the group who released their first EP Nine of Swords as a trio this past August. Initially a solo enterprise, American Grandma began around 2013 as Keller's side project. With the addition of Marchese in 2016 and after releasing Sensation/Forever as a duo, American Grandma began playing shows and growing a fan base in and around the Denver area.

       Slavick's addition to the band mid 2017 gave American Grandma an unexpected and interesting new twist. Keller explains that each of the members bring stylistically different influences toward the music they make together. Keller goes on to say that they primarily listen to pop music and bring that influence into the shell of the songs which the band then collaborates on.

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