Angelique Scott

Richmond, virginia

The poetic nature of molding clay holds modern ceramicists to a high standard working at the intersection of identity and memory as well as fine art and function.  Angelique Scott graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Craft / Material Studies with a concentration in clay and art education with a K-12 teaching license.  Upon graduation, Scott continued pursuing ceramics by participating in residencies at the Skopelos-Greece Foundation for the Arts, The Hambidge Center, and the Vermont Studio Center (to name a few).

Scott’s practice is one of rich symbolism, as she often incorporates materials that amplify Black culture and experiences.  Scott’s carefully chosen materiality magnifies her message making her collections visual treasure hunts for anyone who has the pleasure of viewing her  work.  Scott has used poignant symbolism from skittles wrappers, to ‘Lady Justice’ to vocalize the discrimantion and disenfranchisement of Black people in America.  The use of cowrie shells and ankhs flow through many of her collections as an homage to the past, while acknowledging the prosperity and idyllic futures to come. One of Scott’s most intimate works, Self Portrait, examines her own multifaceted American identity.

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