Caleb zwanzig

littleton, Colorado

Introspective and microscopic, Caleb Zwanzig is creating his own organic landscapes within harsh yet controlled environments. Having graduated from Azusa Pacific University with dual focuses in sculpture and photography, Zwanzig’s signature style implements aspects of both into his practice. His two active bodies of work, Bomb Shelter and Remote Sensing, are ongoing collections that he has carefully cultivated over the years.

“It’s difficult for me to describe my work together as a whole because I feel like Remote Sensing and Bomb Shelter are such different [collections] of work, and I’m currently working on both. But as I continue to explore them, I do see my attraction to environments or objects that I live in close proximity to. My ‘sculptures’ for Remote Sensing live in [a] giant freezer, and the Bomb Shelter [images take place] in my backyard. I like having a constant connection to the work even if I’m only shooting a couple times a month.”- Caleb Zwanzig

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