Dannah Nicole lasanas

Perth, australia

   Bold and consuming, Dannah Nicole Lasanas is a Filipino-Australian artist known for her captivating, hyperrealistic portraits. After completing highschool in the Philippines, Lasanas moved to Australia to continue her academic studies.  The self taught painter has perfected her craft over the past five years from meticulously practicing and experimenting with different mediums.  Often using herself as her own model and muse, Lasanas’ work is incredibly introspective touching on human emotion from the profound to the mundane.

    “I started painting when I was 15. In fact, I begged my Dad to buy me a set of paint brushes and acrylic paints back in 2014 after seeing the kids from my school’s Special Program in Arts displaying their artworks for an event. [However], it was actually after finishing high school that I was actively painting and honing my skills again that almost every week I produce new artworks, kind of compensating for those times that I was unable to give my full attention to painting due to academics and tight schedule. My works are very conceptual, and often are reflections of my personal struggles and self-empowerment. I treat each painting as if I’m writing an entry on a diary page. That’s why I’m very particular when it comes to choosing what to paint such as: poses; facial expressions; colours; and objects, to effectively depict my creative process metaphorically to the viewers.”

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