david clay bridges

Denver, colorado

   As a military kid, David Bridges has lived all over the United States. After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this past spring, he has decided to take root in Denver. Bridges first became interested in music and art playing the electric guitar in middle school. He was particularly intrigued by how the sound could be affected and manipulated with this instrument, crediting this as his first experience with sound art. He now uses this type of music as his fuel to create his style of art. One of Bridges' current projects is to visualize sound. 

   "I am creating pure sonic landscapes / visualizing soundscapes. I generate these images from field recordings that I take from a variety of landscapes, both natural and industrial. The audio information is converted into light information and displayed in real-time on a LED light strip. The color and brightness of the light is determined by the frequency and loudness of the sound being inputed. The sound wave is then transformed into a light wave. There is no arbitration in the selection of the color, brightness, and pattern from the audio. The final image is captured in a long exposure photograph as I drag the LED strip across the frame while it inputs the audio from the location."

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