Emma balder

boston, massachusetts

    Emma Balder is an artist who uses sustainability practices to create amazingly abstract pieces of work. Graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012, she has sense moved all over the United States creating and collecting art. She jokingly says that she spent her college career learning technique, only to disregard it and create her own techniques in her post-grad practices. The shift in her art took place while she was a resident at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. During her residency she had created a massive abstract expressionist painting spanning several feet across, when she grew bored of her practice. Balder explained that she had grown tired of the commissions and paintings that she had been used to and decided to cut out the organic form that was in the center of this painting. She called the unaltered form a 'Ping' and decided to cut it apart and reassemble the parts into 'Pinglets.'

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