How to think


   Denver based How to Think is a new experimental rock group emerging on the Colorado music scene. Cameron Beckerdite, Jonathan Downie, and David Bridges currently comprise the group who released their first EP ‘A Single Hand is Not Easy to Be’ this past December. 


   How to Think began as a project between long time friends and collaborators, Beckerdite and Downie.  Both having highly decorated musical backgrounds— with Beckerdite ’s involvement with Astral Planes and See-You-Home-Wolf and Downie with Wax Tanzler and Mr. Trash— it was clear that Beckerdite’s melodic, indie influence for vocals and guitar and Downie’s technical, heavier drumming style would meld into a sonically impressive and complex pair.  Bridges’ addition to the band mid 2018 gave How to Think an unexpected and creative twist.  His punchy bass paired brilliantly with the dynamic composing that Beckerdite and Downie had established.  

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