jasmine Lichty

Denver, colorado

   Small towns have a way of making time feel slower; almost frozen in a moment. Born in Vermillion South Dakota, Jasmine Lichty is a fine art photographer chasing this nostalgia through 35 millimeter film.  After the recession hit her family hard, Lichty moved from humble Vermillion to Pinedale Wyoming. Spending her formative years in Pinedale, a town with less than two thousand residents; Lichty grew to love the calm that only a small western town can give.  Lichty packed her bags once again in 2015 with her sights set on Denver to further pursue her education and love for film.  Lichty graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television from the University of Colorado- Denver in the winter of 2019.  

   Lichty almost circumstantially got involved with film photography.  An abroad class in Italy was offered the summer before her graduation and one of the prerequisite requirements was to take a dark room class before attending.  Lichty ended up buying a secondhand Canon Elan 7N to complete the course.  Her background in cinematography naturally translated to still images; and the fascination began.  Since shooting black and white film in class, Lichty did not experience her first color film roll until she shot in Italy and there was no turning back.

   Lichty plays with lighting and location in her works.  Many of her subject areas are outside residential buildings or of intimate interior spaces.  Her work is interesting as it shows the presence of people, without actually seeing a human form.  Her images tell stories of faces you will never see. This interpretive framing is intentional as Lichty hopes to invoke a deep sense of belonging in her viewers; a sense of sentimentality for the past.  Lichty amplifies this notion by shooting during golden hour- the time of day where the sun starts to set and the light is saturated while the shadows are rich almost like a coming of age movie.


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