Katerina gribkoff

Brooklyn, new york

    Some say that portraiture is one of the purest forms of art. Others disagree, arguing that truly depicting the human figure requires little imagination. Visual Artist Katerina Gribkoff challenges these ideas by creating dynamic drawings that engage the viewer not only visually but emotionally. Her eclectic, punk style aids itself to feminist themes and colorful compositions.  

    "Most of the girls I draw are imagined. Referenced, but imagined. Kind of like a mixture of all of the different faces that I see on any given day in the city. And I strive to create sexually or ethnically ambiguous girls because that is a mark of our young generation- not fitting into just one category. I want the drawings to show that. I see myself in many of the final products though, even though that is unintentional for the most part. I did however have an earlier series of self portraits that dealt with my anxiety and interacting with others while dealing with it. I call those my "BS Girls" because the series began as a tribute to my favorite band, Belle & Sebastian, whose music speaks a lot to an anxious, isolated girl drawing alone in her bedroom. But of course BS has other meanings. My Bull Shit Girls totally works, but that was not the original sentiment."

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