marcela ferri

London, England

On the road to self discovery, sometimes the in-between moments are the most captivating. Marcela Ferri’s work focuses on these small instances of self expression and vulnerability by way of film photography. Almost ‘documentary style’ Ferri is not always seeking out the ideal curated glamor shot, rather the candid and real- which can be just as empowering. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Ferri now lives and works in London, often collaborating with drag and other members of the queer community.

“I like to call my photographs ‘an essay about freedom’... [I have been working with these themes in my photography] on and off since 2002. I have always been involved with outcasts- [therefore] I have to feel a spiritual connection with the subject, or it will not work. I believe that everyone we meet or communicate with has a job and place in our lives.”- Marcela Ferri

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