Austin, texas

    Though Nicholas may emulate Haring, his work is far from imitation. Though most of his work has a specific artistic direction, many of Nicholas's studies are simply line drawings done from muscle memory. He describes his process as a quick one, barely sketching the idea before delving into the final product. He notes that he used to spend much more time planning and sketching, but would become too lost in the sketches to really hammer out the original idea. Much like Cy Twombly and other modernists, Nicholas likes to experiment with his subconscious and see what ideas float to the surface when he lets go. When practicing these exercises, he takes note of anything that crosses his mind- words, images, feelings- and makes quick linear drawings on whatever is near him. Nicholas does not discriminate either when it comes to what surface he will use as a canvas. From cardboard to televisions and guitars, many different objects have been the muses for Nicholas's drawings. This has turned him on to the street wear scene and making his gestures wearable. The guerilla-style fashion market compliments many of his working themes and involvement with his  surroundings.

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