rae klein

east saugatuck, michigan

A familiar sensation in an unfamiliar place can be terribly uncomfortable, like the double-take one does at a sight that recalls a deep-seated forgotten memory, or at the jarring juxtaposition of something childlike amid the macabre. Rae Klein makes it her business to integrate this sensation of dread into work that toes the line between hyper-realistic and surreal. 

"My subject matter comes from found photos on the internet. eBay is a huge source of inspiration for me. Something about the way regular people photograph little items that they are trying to sell is so appealing to me as a still life. I love the little $2 items that they carefully photograph from all sides. Bonus appeal if the flash is on. My favorite eBay items are Garfield figurines. I love vintage-y kitsch of all sorts though. I also Google long sentences and hit 'related images' until I’m in the vague, rare images of the internet. Pictures from someone’s old blog, or a scanned veterinary reference. Sometimes it’s just little things about the image that are appealing, such as the angle the photo is taken from or the asymmetry of it. I note them and put them in a folder with my eBay photos."

-Rae Klein

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