R.s. Sanderson


    Youthful. Ephemeral. Honest.  These are all ways to describe R.S. Sanderson's delicate yet poignant musings.  Growing up in the sleepy mountain town of Granby, Colorado; Sanderson learned to be a judicious observer and an innate storyteller. Currently enrolled at the University of Denver, Sanderson is pursuing dual degrees in Italian and Art History, with the possible addition of a History minor.  By studying the past, Sanderson is learning how to better articulate the present.

  In 2018 Sanderson published her first book, above all else; a collection of poems circulating around themes of relationships with other people and with the relationship one has with oneself.  Above all else takes readers on a journey through light, apathetic quips of young love to mythic interpretations of folklore to existential questioning of life itself.  The poems are brief and styled similar to greats like Rupi Kaur or Bridgette Devoue, with their punctuated words and broken lines.  Sanderson emulates this technique, driving home the emphasis and raw emotion of the little moments she writes about. The poems hold onto a moment that seems to be held in time, yet also so fleeting; a sense of nostalgia for something so familiar yet not from your own memory.

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