sandy chuchat

Bangkok, thailand

   Sandy Chuchat is a contemporary surrealist painter currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.  Chuchat has spent time in both Australia and England building her practice; most notability at the Istituto Marangoni in London receiving her Bachelor of Art degree. Chuchat returned to Thailand as a visual designer for various fashion companies until 2018, when she decided to follow her passion and pursue fine art full time.

   Chuchat’s work circles around themes of femininity and dreams, often taking scenes from her everyday life, amplifying the minutiae details.  Between Chuchat’s  punchy color scheme, metaphysical musings, and delicate additions of the natural world; it comes as no surprise that she sites surrealist greats Frida Kahlo and Dorothea Tanning as her major influences. Interestingly enough; Chuchat, Kahlo, and Tanning alike all experienced their respective countries go through major ideal shifts in their lifetimes. Currently Thailand is experiencing a pro-democracy movement; images of giant inflatable rubber ducks have internationally become the symbol of the Thai revolution.

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