Tomas sen

Denver, colorado

    When Denver musician Jeffrey Thomassen had an idea for a solo concept, he consulted with friends about various artistic visions he had for the project. Soon after, he discovered that his consultations had become more of a collaboration than an individual effort, and Tomas Sen was formed. Bryce Slavick and Gabriel Schembri join Jeffrey as the masterminds behind the new post-punk band. Each member has participated in other musical endeavors and are individually involved in the widespread Denver / Boulder DIY scene.

    Though identifying as post-punk, the band acknowledges many industrial and darkwave elements in several of their songs. Slavick on drums and Schmebri's keys also bring some light synth-pop vibes to the dark, heavier energy, balancing out their tracks. Tomas Sen's debut song, Fashion, is a great introduction to the band as it shows the trio's musical dexterity as well as Jeffrey's lyric prowess. Fashion was adapted from a poem he wrote entitled "Ode to Disease to Men and Women."

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