Victor machado

denver, colorado

     Born in New Orleans and raised in Colorado, Victor Machado has always been intrigued by the art world. His interest first began in the early 2000's when the anime and manga scenes were gaining momentum. Soon afterward, Machado abandoned his interest because of the unpopularity of these mediums amongst his peers. He remained in an art lull until fairly recently, only jumping back into painting in 2014.  

    "I would describe my work as Neo-Expressionist. I am drawn to artists like Phillip Guston, who paints these surreal scenes that are just an amalgam of his thoughts. That is kind of my process as well; I do not plan my pieces, rather just let my inner dialogue take over. I am also influenced by artists in other mediums, like the photographer, Roger Ballen who has taken some bizarre pictures including some with Die Antwoord. These artists have an eerie quality about them that, I think, comes through in my work. I get the Basquiat comparison occasionally. I definitely can see that. I'm not really trying to fit within a classification or canon though. I just am creating for the sake of creating. I'm not trying to blow anyone's mind away with any sort of political commentary; I'm just kind of doing my own thing. The art is really for me- to unleash my demons. It's selfish art, really."

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