Zoë slee

Canberra, australia

    Zoë Slee is an Australian installation artist and ceramicist whose ever-changing practice is challenging art norms and expectations.  Slee’s impressive work is accompanied by her decorated curriculum vitae, having graduated with honors from the Australian National University School of Art in Canberra with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art.  Slee is also preparing to begin her Master’s degree in Art Curation and Cultural Leadership later this year. 


    When viewing Slee’s work, the organic shapes and muted colors lend themselves to organic elements that one would almost expect to see in a natural history museum; as if Slee has created archaic forms of a lost civilization that seems so familiar—yet so strange.  Once you think you know what you are looking at, Slee’s work incorporates an unfamiliar element that keeps you engaged within the piece and longing for more.  Reminiscent of the unnerving “Uncanny Valley” aesthetic direction; which often is about object’s resemblances to human likeness— Slee’s Nature’s Arcanum collection creates this blissful yet complicated juxtaposition as one tries to navigate what they are interacting with.

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